January 24-27, 2023
Gyula, Hungary

Camera ready instructions

Please prepare the camera ready version of the paper according to the following description.

Paper formatting

To prepare the camera ready version of the paper one should use Springer LNCS LaTeX (Hungarian, English) template. Submissions should be prepared according to the template files, and converted into PDF format with A4 page size. The authors may also want to check whether the generated PDF version can be printed with a decent quality.

In case your paper has previously been published at a peer reviewed venue, make sure that the exact bibliographic reference to the original article is provided in the footnote on the first page of the camera ready version. If you have submitted an unpublished work, please prepare the camera ready paper in accordance with the reviews that you can find on the CMT review system (after login).

Attention: The "remark" about the participation in the Kuba Attila Prize competition has to be removed from the camera-ready version.

Paper submission

The camera ready version of the paper should be submitted in PDF format into the CMT review system until January 8, 2023.