January 24-27, 2023
Gyula, Hungary


The conference is organized by the Hungarian Association for Image Analysis and Pattern Recognititon (in Hungarian KEPAF) and involves various topics on image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision and machine learning. It is the main bi-yearly event for the Hungarian image processing and computer vision community.

The conference follows a single track and traditionally is composed of six half-day events. It also includes invited talks as well as the spotlight presentations of the accepted papers followed by discussions in the poster sessions. One of the main goals of the conference to present the recent advances and research results published by the community. It is not only welcome but is highly encouraged that industrial companies attend on the conference and present their work and results on the relevant application domains. Moreover, the renewal meeting takes place during the conference, where the steering committee of the association is also elected.

The accepted papers are published in the online version of the conference proceedings.

The official language of the conference is both English and Hungarian.

Past conference locations

  1. KÉPAF 2021, (Szilvásvárad) Budapest, Hungary (online)
  2. KÉPAF 2019, Debrecen, Hungary
  3. KÉPAF 2017, Szováta, Romania
  4. KÉPAF 2015, Kerekegyháza, Hungary
  5. KÉPAF 2013, Bakonybél, Hungary
  6. KÉPAF 2011, Szeged, Hungary
  7. KÉPAF 2009, Budapest, Hungary
  8. KÉPAF 2007, Debrecen, Hungary
  9. HACIPPR 2005 (KÉPAF 2005), Veszprém, Hungary
  10. KÉPAF 2004, Miskolc-Tapolca, Hungary
  11. KÉPAF 2002, Domaszék
  12. KÉPAF 2000, Noszvaj, Hungary
  13. KÉPAF'97, Keszthely, Hungary