January 24-27, 2023
Gyula, Hungary

Author guidelines

The conference proceedings is edited in a single electronic volume and will be distributed to registered participants of the conference on electronic media. The conference proceedings contain all papers included in the programme in the same volume, regardless whether they are presented orally or as posters. The proceedings may also include short summaries of the applications presented in the demo session.

The conference proceedings may not be released publicly, however, with the authors' consent and under their responsibility, individual articles may be published publicly (e.g., on the website of the current conference). The conference proceedings are an internal publication of the Hungarian Association for Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition (KÉPAF), and the authors retain the copyright of the papers and are responsible for their further publication.

Paper formatting

It is also possible to submit papers that have already been published in the past two years. However in this case, including the the Hungarian versions as well, the reference to the original publication must be provided in the footnote on the first page of the manuscript.

Papers can be submitted in English or in Hungarian. Nevertheless, the authors are highly encouraged to submit papers in Hungarian. Moreover, for those papers that have already been published in English the authors are more than welcome to submit the Hungarian translation of the original version.

The papers should use Springer LNCS LaTeX (Hungarian, English) template. Submissions should be prepared according to the template files, and converted into PDF format with A4 page size. The authors may also want to check whether the generated PDF version can be printed with a decent quality.

The maximal length of the papers is 16 pages excluding references. For the technical demo the page limit is 4 pages.

Paper submission

Papers should be formatted according to the provided LaTeX (Hungarian, English) templates, and submitted in PDF format until the respective deadline. Papers must have an appropriate level of technical description about the background of the work, about the contributions of the authors, and about the analysis of the results.

All PDF should be uploaded into the CMT review system. Please select the correct track according to your submission:

Paper review process

The papers are reviewed by expert members of the program committee chosen according to the title and abstract of the submission. If necessary external reviewers may also be involved in the review process.

The submissions that have already been published at another venue in the past two years undergo a simplifed review process. This basically means that only the formatting requirements are checked. Moreover during the review process it is also checked whether the paper has really been published at a relevant venue. Those papers can be presented in the conference program if they successfully passed this simplified review process.

The final decision upon acceptance is made by considering the submitted manuscript of the paper. Authors are notified about the review results by email. Moreover, the reviews will also be available in the CMT review system.